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From Scotland, its a honor to thank every body involved in this site, it was during a debate about Palestine when I needed some photos and while searching I came across the site, so I would like to thank Abdel Jawwad for documenting all these lovely photos and I will thank you in person very soon 3la al byader or 7ett el theeb !

Thank you so much
Dr Essam
Alsalam Aleikom ya ahali Haja alkiram.My name is Murshed Eid from your neighboring village Jeensafoot.As many people from the surrounding villages i had the honor to study in your beloved village for 4 full years.During those 4 years i came to know so many of you.Those people were so dear and close to my heart and soul to the point that i still remember their names after all those years.I would like to take this opportunity to extend my respect and regards to the people of the whole village specially my friends such as Abdehadi tayoon,Majid abu-j3aydeh,abdelqader abuzheedeh,mohamad za3roor and every one that was in our class.Please excuse me for writing in English and once again my respect and regards to you all.   
شكرا جزيلا لكم على هذا الموقع الرائع، وبالنسبة لقرية حجة، يرجى العلم ان اسمها يكتب ويلفظ: حجة وليس حجا كما ورد خطأ في الموقع أحيانا راجين تعديل ذلك ولكم عظيم الشكر والتقدير على المجهود الممتاز في هذا الموقع.
Please inform each one of your friend to join
nice to meet my whole family here ,,,,
god bless u
يرجى تزويدنا بموقع خاص لاهالي قرية حجة ان وجد
او موقع يبين قرية حجة بالتفصيل


محمد حجاوي