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Hebron - الخليل : al-Haram al-Ibrahimi #1
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Hebron - الخليل : al-Haram al-Ibrahimi #1

  Uploaded on January 14, 2007

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Posted by جمال ابوارميله on August 9, 2011 #136913

هذه الصورة ماخوذه من امام منزل ابوهيكل .اول قنطرة سنقرط . اول الطريق من السهلة باب الاستراحة باتجاه حارة جابر وارة الجعبري والعين الحمرا اي المدخل الجنوبي للحرم الابراهمي
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on February 23, 2010 #104606

First of all Hebron is an occupied terrority. The international law is clear on this matter. The Hague accord of 1899 and 1907 forbidds occupying force from making any changes to the occupied region and its properties.
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on February 22, 2010 #104535

Converting a mosque to synagogue. How? by force!!! The Minaret is still high in the sky.
Posted by Miri barak on February 22, 2010 #104462

An ugly fence, ugly Jewish settlers. Do you have any relations with them?
Posted by zuzu on January 18, 2010 #101167

Whenever I walk to this area, I feel so sad that I can't go into the Mosque yard. I grew up in this area and I used to play here with children from my neigbourhood. Sometimes, especially in Spring and Summer, women from the neigbourhood used to come and sit here watching their children play with joy. After 1994, this area bacame part of the Jewish side of the Mosque and we, the Muslims, can't go into it any more.
Posted by شوفاني on February 3, 2007 #13458

we are prohibited to have access to this area