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Posted by Dr.Mohiba Khalil on August 2, 2013 #152163

My Granfather was the walley walley means royalty of north Palestine his name was KHALL SHAWKEY IBRAHIM he was based in Haifa and his summer house and Almajles of IBILLIN also we had the Seraya was our second home in 1967 the house was bombed by the Israelis I had seen the My Grandpa Was killed and my father was taken Manny times to Lebanon and shot on him Thank god he survived all stories are in my autobiography book the cry of a child in dutch .
Thank you for making things happen and memories of our loved Palestine documented because the first thing they tried to do witch I was also a witness to was burning our libraries to remove all documents of our Palestine Thanks again God Bless you they always has to remember were they came from they were our refegees stories from Europe