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Posted by J. Iksal on February 3, 2010 #102693

My name is Jessica Iksal.I am surprised that there is a city that bears the same name as me. I come from Germany. I would like to greet the city IKSAL an her residents. Best regards Jessica Iksal
Posted by الشيخ زياد غربية ابوهمام on October 24, 2009 #92828

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
قرية كسال من القرى الجميلة في موقعها والتي تتميز بطيب اهلها وحسن موقعها
Posted by ranen drawshe on March 16, 2008 #31896

حلو كتير بالتوفيق والتقدم الدائم
رنين دراوشع (اكسال)
Posted by رافع on October 15, 2007 #21714

iksal a7la bld bmrg ibn 3mer
Posted by مروة on June 3, 2007 #16594

هذه بلدتي اكسال
Posted by tarekd on May 18, 2007 #15935

tarek "khames" darawsha
Posted by tarekd on January 6, 2007 #12449

"iksal bent almarg"