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Jaba' - جبع : الاماكن القديمة في جبل بيت ياروب
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Jaba' - جبع : الاماكن القديمة في جبل بيت ياروب

Posted by انس خليلية Uploaded on February 1, 2008
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Posted by عدنان محمد اسعد غنام on February 28, 2012 #142082

وطني لو شغلت بالخلد عنه .. نازعتني إليه في الخلد نفسي
وهفا بالفؤاد في سلسبيل .. ظمأ للسواد من عين شمس
شهد الله لم يغب عن جفوني .. شخصه ساعة ولم بخل حسي
لامير الشعراء / شوقى
Posted by Ghaleb M. Qaisi on November 22, 2008 #57766

We can, and rightly so, blame all our woes on the Israeli occupation. We will be naive if we expect otherwise.

But we also have ourselves to blame too. The story of Ain AL-Jouzeh is nothing but one example of our indiddefence and negligence of our environment. Ain Al-Jouzeh has been the main supply of pure drinking water for the whole village for many years. I still cherish my memories of this fabulous spring.We wasted this precious resource because we cared about our own interests and thought nothing of the community.It's time we admitted our wrongdoings and tried to rectify them.
Posted by Mahmoud Abu-oun on August 31, 2008 #50808

Jaba'Jenin overcrowded village , more than 23,000 Person living inside more than 12,000 estimated living outside ,population growing very fast, my question is how all these people can live without sewage system ??? it is unbeleivable that the waste water drained in the streets to evaported by sun the other part go deep inside to contaminate the Palestinian underground water storage . No body care just we here every day people have got sickness and mysterious diseases ....may be our Doctors & pharmacies became wealthy enough to build new villas with luxury cars under the catastropohic Israeli militery occupation . Ain-aljouzeh is one example for this sad story . Who care ???