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Jaba' - جبع : صور من التراث
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Jaba' - جبع : صور من التراث

Posted by انس خليلية Uploaded on February 1, 2008
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Posted by عدنان محمد اسعد غنام on March 8, 2012 #142301

اعتقد هادي جاروشةامي وهاذي القبعة اللي كانت تلقط فيها تين نمن العمارة في البساتيز
Posted by Mahmoud Nayif Abu-oun on May 6, 2009 #76239

This Grinding mill named in the Palestinian heiratge (Jarousheh) it still used to crush lentiles ,wheat Borghol ,Kersanneh (Legum family)usualy eaten by cattle.
It was imported from Syria where this ulcanic bubble black stone found thousands of years .it is not Jewish at all ,it is pure Palestinian Heiratage .
The other container named in the Palestinian Heiratage (Quba')or (Qub3a) build by youth girls from the famous Palestinian Haiti Wheat long strow ,soaked in water and coloured then with punching tool rounded over stuffed strowks one over one.
it used as container for every thing, cearils,olives,figs, almond, etc.