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Jaba' - جبع : jaba
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Jaba' - جبع : jaba

Posted by انس خليلية Uploaded on May 14, 2008
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Posted by Mahmoud Nayif Abu-oun on July 5, 2009 #82141

This nice picture taken from the west direction ,showing the old twon of Jab' with it's old
. houses and Mousque center of the twon
In the forground we can see trees of Olives,Almonds,Figs,Apricots and the huge pine trees
around Ain aljozeh spring water,the main source of drinking water thousands of years ago .Those giant pine trees witnessed the British Mandate Royal Air
Force attacking the Palestinian AL-QASSAM Fighters but fortunatly no one was hurt 1947
The arid moutains east the twon also witnessed a heroic resistance agains the British colonisation forces , which played a majore role in the Palestinian Nakba 1917-1948