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Posted by markmessi on July 4, 2012 #144842

Posted by جلال عبدالفتاح فرحان on November 26, 2010 #126770

اضم صوتي لصوت الاخ مأمون الوحيدي وبة ارجو من لدية صور لمخيم عين السلطان ان يضيفها
Posted by ibrahim on December 27, 2008 #61223

wala 27la madeny be 3alam falasetine bas ya 5sara ma feha sh3eb mtdamen
Posted by suad on September 16, 2008 #52224

It is the most beautiful holy place to visit and worship, I visit it couple of times and enjoyed the scene and the plants, animals. I thank all people who are taking care of this holy place. God be with all.
Posted by zozo on April 25, 2008 #35894

i looked at these pictures and they are stunning and gorgous.i really liked them and whoever took the pictures i think that they did a relly good job
Posted by 7al7uul on December 1, 2007 #24483

Jericho is where my dad was born and te most beautful city in the west bank! The kids are actually taking a picture in front of my family's house i go there every 3 years to falasteen and i go to ree7a the background the trucks they are all my dad's cousins! brings back memories! i love it!
Posted by كاميليا on December 1, 2007 #24451

اريحا و فلسطين جنة على الأرض ...
بعشق ترابك يا وطني
Posted by مامون الوحيدي on August 29, 2007 #19653

مااروع فلسطين ويا حبذا لو ارى صور لمخيم عين السلطان
Posted by Jorge on August 28, 2007 #19607

I'm from Mexico :) I see in this photo is a beautiful place. I see Palestina has places where I would like to live and work.
Posted by Loay Khalaf on August 13, 2007 #19127

This image for the main square in Jericho city centre. It has the police station, municipality building and the taxi office.
Posted by Arnstein Vada on April 1, 2007 #14684

Jericho is a special and beeatiful city. I have been there, and I liked the city and the friendly people in this town. Best wishes from Arnstein Vada, Norway