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Jericho - أريحا : The agricultural fields #2
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Jericho - أريحا : The agricultural fields #2

  Uploaded on January 17, 2007

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Posted by Alaa jalal alelaime on January 22, 2011 #129447

واااااااووووو بلدي الحبيبة انا من اريحة صحيح ما عمري دخلتها بس الله كريم ... أديش صار عندي شغف ادخلها بس صور بتجنن يالله ها الصور راح تساعدني في البروجكت الي بعملو عن فلسطين عنجد سلمت الانامل التي وضعت هذه الصور ...
Posted by mariam elyoussef-Hunt on November 10, 2010 #125528

what a beautiful city
Posted by احمد ربايعة on December 17, 2009 #98036

يا للهول
ما اجملهامن مدينة
هاي مدينة مرتبة
Posted by amer almughrabi on October 12, 2009 #91753

i like it
Posted by نور التلباني on August 11, 2008 #48789

والله اريحا حلوة بس لونها مش كتير شوب وناااااار
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on December 11, 2007 #25054

Jericho an ancient city in the Jordan Valley (a toursit attraction) 392 meters below sea level (about 36 Kilometers east of Jerusalem), has very mild weather in the winter and hot in the summer. It has a fertile land, and it is famous for it's vegatables, oranges, and banana farms. The Dead Sea is few kilometers south of the city.