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Jericho - أريحا : Farms outside the town
Help us identify the direction, places, people,...etc. in this picture? Post your comment (7 comments)
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Jericho - أريحا : Farms outside the town

  Uploaded on January 17, 2007

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Posted by ام احمد on June 27, 2010 #116377

يا ريت بعر شو اسمو هالمكان ويا ريتني من فلسطين رائعة
Posted by فلسطين حبيبة الروح on February 3, 2010 #102650

صدقا لااعرف مادا اقول واو صف شعوري فقلبي يحترق لوعة على بلدي الذي لااعرف عنه الكثير
Posted by Khalaf ayash on October 11, 2009 #91666

Iam Glad that a brother put the name of my father in Jericho-Jerusalem street.I played in that street when I had $ years With Ahmad Al Hawash he had a Bicycle, we rached to the gate of the hospital turning to al jabsha shop crossing te shops of our fahters.more than fifty years past, first images of a child .Ahmad Ata Khalaf.PhD-MD. Spain
Posted by sami rami on June 14, 2009 #80336

هذه منطقه في مدينه اريحا تسمي الديوك وهي علي اطراف مدينه اريحا وتقع بالتحديد بالقرب من اريحا القديمه التاريخيه التي قدر عمرها باكثر من 10000 سنه
Posted by جلال عبدالفتاح فرحان on November 26, 2008 #58135

الرجاء من يعرف اسماء المواقع ان يعلمنا ويكون ذلك باللغة العربية
Posted by sohair ishag on September 16, 2008 #52245

Please add under each picture the name of the location just to identify it.


Posted by Ibn al-Quds on December 11, 2007 #25063

Jericho depends mainly on Tal el-Sultan Spring to irrigate the fields.