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Jericho - أريحا : The Monastery of Temptation Jericho
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Jericho - أريحا : The Monastery of Temptation Jericho

Posted by Fadi Batriss Uploaded on April 17, 2007
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Posted by Samira Ishaq on March 9, 2011 #131349

this location is west of jericho ivisited this location several times before imoved to the usa
Posted by عيسى الوحيدي on February 22, 2008 #29614

هذا الدير يوجد بجبل يسمونه هناك " قرنطل " واسمه جبل التجربة وهوالمكان الذي كان الشيطان يراود سيدنا عيسى على إلقاء نفسه من هناك