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Jiljilyya - جلجيليّا : قرية جلجيليا رام الله
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Jiljilyya - جلجيليّا : قرية جلجيليا رام الله

Posted by MALIK Uploaded on October 16, 2009
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Posted by Noor on October 19, 2009 #92325

I am Canadian. Every Friday morning, the first thing I think when I get up is, how did the protest go today? Was anyone killed? How many injured? Then I go to my Palestinian sites to see what happened.

Every time I come into this site, I am reminded even more vividly of what you fight for. Everywhere the Palestinians live there is grace and beauty. Until the Israelis destroy it and leave their rubble behind.

I do not hold out much hope about the future in your part of the world. One can only pray that Allah takes notice. Until then, you rely on your own strength. I am not well enough to join you. I am not wealthy enough to send money. But I am wealthy enough in spirit to pray for you and your struggle at least once a day.

I admit you get lumped in with a few other problems in your beleaguered country, but there are many people like me who support you with our hearts and souls.

The world is held captive by those creatures. You get it badly but their slimy touch is in our lives here even in Canada where they have control over our government. They are taking on the entire planet. One can only pray that they have finally overstepped and in their greed, end up with nothing and Palestine is free again, Insha'Allah.