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Kafr Sur - كفر صور : شمال كفرصور
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Kafr Sur - كفر صور : شمال كفرصور

Posted by اشواك الجبل Uploaded on February 24, 2009
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Posted by سائد on November 29, 2009 #96533

It should be of ultimate importance to every كفرصوري to preserve the center of the village .regrettably, most of it is lost forever.
Posted by Da Villager on March 7, 2009 #69926

The old masjid collapsed completely a few years ago and it was a great health/safety hazard. The remains had to be knocked down before anybody gets hurt and, obviously, a new masjid had to be built.
Old masjid was a great religious and historical shrine and provided a prayer, learning, gathering place for generations before us, but, regrettably, it was not able to stand a big thunder storm about 3-4 years ago.
All neighboring buildings in the center of town (AL Bawabah) are in ruins today. It is a very moving feeling to stand there and try to remember life which once thrived there and how many people and families who lived or were born in that compound.
Most of old houses (Aqid) are either totally gone or lie in piles of rubble. Those houses represent historical treasures and can’t be replaced. It is worth every effort to remodel and preserve some of those houses for future generations to see how/where their ancestors once lived along with their cattle. And speaking of cattle, almost none left either.
Posted by Abu Najm Bassel on March 6, 2009 #69811

They could have built that "masjid" somewhere else and preserved the historic masjid ; I don't know what they are up to ?!