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Kafr Sur - كفر صور : جذور ضاربه في الصخر٢٠٠٩
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Kafr Sur - كفر صور : جذور ضاربه في الصخر٢٠٠٩

Posted by اشواك الجبل Uploaded on March 28, 2009
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Posted by Abu Najm Bassel on April 24, 2009 #75043

salam ,
We haven't seen any spring pictures from you !
About this picture , now I am almost sure I saw it before Certainly it is not at Khalet Wazir ; note the street in the upper left cornere .This is certainly east of Tulkarem -Qalqilyah rd and very likely at Battin al-Saris or just south of Wadi abu Muhammed .It has been long time for me to remember well!
Posted by الباسق on April 24, 2009 #74979

أظن هذه الصورة في أرض خلة الوزير في الجهة القبلية
Posted by Abu Najm Bassel on April 6, 2009 #73258

Very nice picture . This can only be in Kafr Sur , the "village of rocks"! I am not sure , but I think I've seen this olive tree before ?