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Posted by لؤي on April 15, 2009 #74117

سلام للجميع واتمنى التواصل مع جميع ابناء هذا البلد العزيز
مقيم في السعوديه
Posted by Darko Bartula on May 29, 2008 #39881

Dear friends,

Would you please help me find my very dear friend Dr. Mansour Zaher (maybe I misspelled his name slightly). He should be originaly from Kufr Tthulth, Palestine. He lived with us in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (then Yugoslavia) during 1979-1987. Since then I did not hear about him. He holds a doctorate in agriculture and specificaly he is an expert in milk (diary stuff).

Any help would be very appreciated.

Darko Bartula
Posted by Muneer AbuSafiah on January 3, 2008 #26462

happy Eid Al -Adha for our village and all people inside kafrthulth
Posted by mnlt_79 on December 28, 2007 #26136

انا من ابناءهذه البلدة ولم ازرها يوما خبرووني عنها

مع تحيات محمد ناجي اسماعيل حمد ابوغفره الشواهنه
Posted by عدي عرار عودة on December 12, 2007 #25078

نحن ابناء هذا البلد
Posted by نعمان عيسى on October 5, 2007 #21275

هلا وغلا بالشباب وتحياتي لابناء هده البلده المعطاء انا نعمان عيسى من الكويت
Posted by alaa on October 1, 2007 #21122

Posted by hazem on September 25, 2007 #20901

my name is Hazem.. i am asking everغ one to join this site
Posted by Ibrahim Alsayed on June 8, 2007 #17012

My name Ibrahim Alsayed,unfortunately havent visit Kufur thulth since long time, born in bethlehem, working in S.A
Posted by adi arar on May 12, 2007 #15699

احلى شباب شباب كفرثلثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثثث
Posted by رائد أبودية on May 8, 2007 #15550

السلام عليكم
انا رائد محمد أبودية
من كفرثلث
مواليد السعودية واعمل حاليا في السعودية
Posted by Hasan Omar on March 23, 2007 #14558

أرجو من أبناء كفرثلث الانضمام الى هذا الموقع والمشاركة فيه