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Kafr al-Dik - كفر الديك : كــفـر الــــديــــــــــك
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Kafr al-Dik - كفر الديك : كــفـر الــــديــــــــــك

Posted by الـمـقـداد عـمـاد الــديــك Uploaded on April 10, 2012
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Posted by أحمد فهد أحمد عوده علي الاحمد on April 17, 2012 #143268

حلوة يابلدي كفر الديك

تحياتي للجميع
Posted by Webmaster on April 11, 2012 #143138

Wonderful picture; we are waiting for a lot more similar picture bother al-Miqdad; not only to Kafr al-Deik but also to neighboring towns, cities and villages.

Take care,

Salah Mansour