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Kh. al-Nabi al-Yas - خربة النبي الياس : النبي الياس

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by عاهد عدوان on November 27, 2009
Post a covenant aggression on the date of October 10, 2009
About the village of Nabi Elias

Prepared by Mr. Radwan Bags
Cause of the label: --

Small village, which folded in layers of history and recorded the masterpieces of pride in the history of the Prophet who accompanied her to this day, this village received despair Prophet peace be upon him and which carried a feature of the village of Nabi Elias to this day, the Prophet (peace be upon him, Elias), who resided for a period of time and place of residence held his place-Sharif to make it a religious village of place in an atmosphere of pure history, which is located to this moment, which has long maintained it honored the people of our country that attracts people from time to another of the various areas where the Bank is located in the North of the village

And contains the tomb of the ancient story goes that it was built over a cave in the Ottoman Empire and the restoration of this building to the time of the Mamluk Sultan al-Zahir Baybars There he saw written evidence of that through the writings on the stones here.

Location: --

Prophet Elias is one of the villages of Qalqilya, the nearest village from the east and lies about 4 kilometers from the city of Qalqilya, located on the main street connecting between Qalqilya and Nablus.

History: --

This small village has enjoyed a lot of features, whether religious or aesthetic or historical origins began after the first was a manor resort to the owners to spend time maturing crops in the seasons of the olive harvest and Alhshehadp The beginning of the recovery of life in the village population in the early thirties .... ..

Area and population:

The area of the actual village about 18 km 2 area of the village The unused amount to a residential square kilometers inhabited by more than 1500 people and the proportion of the youth and children's sector in the village, where the vast majority of the youth sector about 40% of the children's sector and about 40%, while the older They inform about 20% of the total population, and the untapped residential area in the village has been shrouded in the people of the village and went trees acidic (orange, Alimov ,......) and nuts (almonds, peaches, figs ....) and forests (pine, cypress .. ...) and all kinds of vegetable crops and has become the village agricultural land full of all agricultural goods, but this beautiful bouquet of crops and good works did not maintain full benevolence came the wall from the three points any village on the western city of Qalqilya and the north and the south side of the boot and destroying thousands of trees the thousands of other fruit inside and destruction of thousands of Aldenmat of land, but .........

The highlighted area in this small village is located where the pine forests since the time of any of the twenties, the British almost embarrassment of mulch Alsnobrosro fragrant flowers, which made the villagers to attend to spend most of their time.

Existing services in the village: --

There is a secondary school in the village of hybrid containing the first row and up to grade ten atheist and include 375 students and also contains Al-Amal Association charity for the deaf and dumb and contain a compound that contains services inside a local council and the Center co-kindergarten and health clinic also includes other services such as the electricity and Water Country and the network of mobile ground, as for youth centers, clubs or entertainment venues Andermatt lack of such projects and community youth center with the exception of the Prophet Elias, who attended the Youth Village covered services provided by both the youth sector Awalatefal Awalahale It is comprehensive for all segments of society in the village .

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