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Kh. al-Tabib - خربة / عزبة الطبيب: Situation of Khirbet Tabib AKA 'Izbet Tabib, September 2012

Posted by Uri Zackhem on September 20, 2012

Picture for Kh. al-Tabib Town - Palestine: : These homes were demolished by the Israeli military. Click Image For Town Details
Most or all of the population of 'Izbet Tabib are of the Tabib family, refugees from Tabsur / Khirbet 'Azzun
The small village is in area C under the Oslo accords, which means bad old occupation. Around 10 out of 40 homes are threatened by demolition, and the large community building that serves as a school, municipality and clinic got demolition order as well. Even a slight enlargement of the mosque was blocked by the Israeli military.
The refugees from Tabsur are not allowed back, and are not allowed calm and reasonable life where they live now.

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