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Khirbat Zakur - خربة زكور: Tracing alll that remains Khirbat Zakur since Nakba

Posted by Uri Zackhem on July 15, 2012
Uri Zackhem
Visit to Khirbet Zakur on 14 July 2012

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The people lived happily on both hills and tilled the land. The area was annexed in 1949 following the Israel-Jordan armistice. The Israelis wanted to get rid of as much Arabs they could, however the armistice agreement forbade outright expulsion. The armistice line was in the Wadi east of the main inhabited hill. The inhabitants had most of their farming land east of the new frontier. The Israelis told them that they have to choose, they won't be able to cross. So they left the village and moved east. They were tilling the land even down in the Wadi almost till the border. But now you can see the separation fence eating into their land. Access to the land locked between the fence and the border is very limited, difficult, and a whole beaurocracy of permits was created. The permits are given very miserly.
New construction in the settlement Oranit is clearly visible.
What was their crime for this to happen to people of this Khirbat? Born with the "wrong religion" I guess; the curse of humanity == Racism

Many thanks Uri; one of the few humans remain in Israel!!

Salah Mansour (Abu al-Sous)