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Majd al-Kurum - مجد الكروم : Massacre at Majd al-Kurum during Nakba by Israeli Zionists soldiers

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted on January 14, 2007
What happened: In one account, the Israelis picked 12 men from the village at random and killed them in front of the other villagers. In another account, nine villagers, including two women, were killed. "During the morning of October 30, a few villagers decided to carry white flags and meet the Jews west of the village. They were to tell the Jewish soldiers that the villagers had gotten rid of the ALA [Arab Liberation Army] and that the village was safe and prepared to surrender. We were surprised when suddenly another Jewish force approached the village from the east. The Jews joined up at the village and soon after ordered us to assemble at Ain Majd el Kurum in the center of the village. Jewish soldiers picked twelve of our men at random, blindfolded them, and shot them in front of us." Source: Nafez Nazzal, The Palestinian Exodus from Galilee 1948, Beirut: The Institute for Palestine Studies, 1978, p. 92, reporting the account of eyewitness Umm Abid al-Qiblawi, interviewed at Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon, on February 1, 1973. The story of Israel's takeover of Majd al-Kurum is on pp. 90-93. On page 228, Morris, Birth, notes this report but takes no position on its validity. See also Palumbo, The Palestinian Catastrophe, pp. 171-172, who states that the Israelis killed nine people, including two women, at Majd al-Kurum. He quotes A. Pallemans, a Belgian U.N. officer, as reporting "there is no doubt about these murders." Palumbo cites United Nations Archives 13/3.3.1, box 11, document entitled "Atrocities September-November."

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Posted by Anonymous on October 8, 2007 #21380

This is where my grandparents were born. They were forced out into lebanon and my parents were born in a refugee camp there. My parents left ain el helwi camp and came to Australia, i was born in Sydney.
Posted by George Bisharat on July 19, 2007 #18338

horrible terrorist Zionists actions against innocent people