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Mazari' al-Nubani - مزارع النوباني : مزارع النوباني البلده القديمه/بيت فارس
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Mazari' al-Nubani - مزارع النوباني : مزارع النوباني البلده القديمه/بيت فارس

Posted by عبد الحميد ذياب Uploaded on August 4, 2009
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Posted by عصام on September 12, 2012 #146022

هذا مدخل حوش دار حمدان ودار عثمان، على اليمين حوش دار حمدان وعلى اليسار حوض دار عثمان.
تسمية بيت فارس خطأ، فارس له بيت في حوش دار حمدان
Posted by Mahd ALnobani on August 11, 2009 #85965

I never thought about making a facebook for myself.i just thought about making one today.the first thing i did was search for my small beautiful village that i hear a lot was amazing to see a picture of my hometown that i never had a chance to live in. the feeling is undescribable.this picture that im looking at right now is something i never seen before and im happy i have the chance to see it because i never got to see my mothers dad.and now atleast i get to see the place he used to live.