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Nablus - نابلس: Nablus

Posted by Carina El on June 20, 2007
Nablus is a former Canaanite city and it is one of the oldest cities in the world. The city lies along a narrow and fertile valley running roughly East-West between two mountains, Ebal and Jerzim. The entire Nablus district has about 205,400 inhabitants.

Nablus is known for its delicious Knafeh, olive oil, cheese and soap.

Nablus is currently undergoing a face-lift with new infrastructure being built in New Nablus.

* The Nabulsi accent of the Palestinian dialect replace the letter "M" with "N" when used at the end of the word so the word "kifkom" is pronounced "kifkon" or "salamo 3alaykom" becomes "salamo 3alaykon" in Nabulsi Palestinian. Moreover, the Nabulsi dialect uses "e" instead of "a" at the end of a word, as an example the word "heyha" (here it is) become "heyhee" in Nabulsi. This is an aspect of the Nabulsi dialect that non-Nabulsi Palestinians often find funny.

* The Roman name of Nablus is Flavia Neapolis.

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Why no mention of the history of the Samaritans in this city?
Ahmed Abdul-Hadi Hamdan Al-Silawey

My family are palestinians from Nables
Family name AL-SILAWEY
we moved to jordan in the early 90's
our family are mostly in Jordan but my household currently live in London
Nablus represents the power of palestine and intifada usually starts from this city , i like streets stores and till now i cannot live anywhere except NABLUS
Great article!!!! Overall wonderful introduction to Nablus!!