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Nablus - نابلس: Another panoramic view for the city



Picture for Nablus City: Another panoramic view for the city. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted on January 14, 2007
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Shawn, thank you for taking these great pictures. Keep up with the good work, and God bless you. One note, you felt offended that someone used your photos without giving you credit, and the purpose was to share it with others. Imagine those palestinians who were forced out from their homes without having the chance to take with them their belongings, including their memoriable photos, and their homes were looted. Many Palestinians in diaspora only know their ancestors homeland by names and pictures.
هذا الجبل الشمالي منه خله الايمان المعروفه بخله الرهبان سابقاوعماد الدين والورش غرب الصوره والمنظر ماخوذ من خله الرعامود من شارع الحرش الكوربه القويه
hey shawn no one is trying to steal your pictuer or take any cradit for your beautiful pictuers . I dont think that they know about lisncing for a pictuer on the internet and from all of us people from nablus we truly thank you . in this site peaple just want to see them or for us who live so far from home just one look at ur beautiful picters take us back to our home land .
My photo. Original:

Please do not use photos without permission or, at least, giving credit to the photographer.