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Nablus - نابلس : صرة بعدسة مهند قدارة
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Nablus - نابلس : صرة بعدسة مهند قدارة

Posted by مهند قداره Uploaded on May 22, 2008
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Posted by ابو جهاد on August 15, 2010 #119693

هذه الصورة منظر لقرية صرة من الجهة الجنوبية والقرية قريبة من مدينة نابلس
Posted by Emad on June 13, 2010 #115265

why you keep deleting my comments?i only corrected the information provided about this picture,its not Nablus city its a small village i don't know where,you should have credibility and instead of deleting my comments do your job and be accurate about the information
Posted by ُEmad on June 13, 2010 #115264

sorry to disappoint you Firial but this picture is not for Nablus,honestly i don't know where is this village but its not nablus,nablus is a big modern city
Posted by firial sharif on June 18, 2008 #42702

shokran ela sayed mohanad qdarah 3la hada el manzar el jamel la madinet nablus el habibah

ana bent nablus men sokan venezuela