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Nablus - نابلس : اطفال في البلدة القديمة
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Nablus - نابلس : اطفال في البلدة القديمة

Posted by Ammar Qadous Uploaded on August 9, 2009
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Posted by Elyas on September 26, 2011 #138211

I remember playing in the old city of Nablus when i was a kid. It was the best time. Everything looked like a fort or as if it was a scene from some adventure movie. Its such a nice city. God, i miss Nablus and the rest of my homeland Palestine. However i do not miss the zionist soldiers who used to enter our house day and night, nor the curfews they imposed on us nor the harassing and murdering our people. Inshallah our country will be free fully from the river to the sea. Zionists have no place being in any part of Palestine whether its jerusalem, haifa, nablus, bethlehem, akka, ramli, nazareth or anywhere else.
Posted by فافا on April 10, 2010 #109349

مين هاد؟؟؟