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Nablus - نابلس : Nablus-Rock
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Nablus - نابلس : Nablus-Rock

Posted by TjWalton Uploaded on October 21, 2009
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Posted by Pal-Nab on September 26, 2011 #138210

Imagine how much nicer it would look if all those white houses would be painted in nice colours instead of the boring grey-white we see here. Nablus is such a nice city and its surrounded by amazing nature and green lands but its residential buildings need a serious make over. Just imagine how nice it would be if the buildings had colour in them.
Posted by arwa on June 24, 2011 #135614

ما احلاكي يا نابلس
Posted by محمود on September 29, 2010 #122500

الصوره ماخوذه من اسكان المهندسين بجنيد
Posted by TjWalton on November 20, 2009 #95576

WOW...This is one of my favorite pictures. I love Nablus.