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Nablus - نابلس : British military camp in Nablus, 1936
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Nablus - نابلس : British military camp in Nablus, 1936

Posted by Rami Atwan Uploaded on May 14, 2011
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Posted by abuhamza on February 26, 2012 #142036

first of all Itotally agree with my brother Elyas .It was a big crime .second the main building in the picture is Al Khaldonya school where thousands of nablus young men graduated from this great school .May Allah bless the city and it's people and all the palestinians all over the world.
Posted by Elyas on September 26, 2011 #138206

I wonder if the racist arrogant colonializers would agree to have Palestinian or other eastern (or western) military camps in britain? How come the colonialized world didnt get compensated by the brits, french and the other colonialists? Especially in the case of Palestine where the colonializers not only occupied the land but also had the nerve to import european jews to it and then arm them, give them Palestinian land so that they could mobilize themselves against the Palestinians and then finally handed them most of Palestine on a silver platter. Where is the officiala british appology for this? Where is the compensation? May Balfor and his fellow arrogant satanic fake christian zionists burn in the eternal fire for what they did.