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Nablus - نابلس : Nablus - Kibreet Nabilsi
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Nablus - نابلس : Nablus - Kibreet Nabilsi

Posted by Rami Atwan Uploaded on May 21, 2011
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Posted by Elie Mikael Karazon on July 16, 2011 #136321

Nablus, Jordan??? Shou hal maskhara hay? Nablus is Palestine. Even Jordan is Palestine - Well at least, the western part of it is. The british gave a saudi family (arab family from the peninsula) the rule over some land which they decided would be called jordan after the river, it was a thank you present for helping them toople the ottoman empire. 4 types of ethnic groups lived in that land: The bedouins, The Palestinians, The Syrians and the Circassian/Chechen people. The Palestinian and Syrian "Jordanians" were referred to as shamiyyeen. The Circassians and Chechens settled in Jordan and the middle east after they were expelled from their native lands occupied by russia. The bedouins are from the arab penninsula and the shamiyeen (Palestinians and Syrians) are levantines who lived in the parts of jordan that are actually part of Palestine/Syria. Had britain not colonialized the middle east, then a state called jordan would never have been created, rather the land would have been part of Palestine to the west and the arab penninsula to the east. Possibly also Syria in the north. Just because the so called jordanian forces brutally occupied the westbank of Palestine between 1948-1967 it doesnt mean that those cities/villages were jordanian, just like they arent israeli now. Its shameful how arab regimes have played such a huge part in zionism and trying to erase Palestine and the Palestinian identity which starts with the Greek Philistines and not with the arabs as zionists would have you think.