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Nakba, Refugees, and R.O.R. - النكبة وحق العودة : Dr. Salman Abu-Sitta gives an oral history account of how he became a refugee in Palestine in 1948

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted on July 22, 2007
28 min 28 sec
الدكتور سلمان ابو ستة يقدم شهادة تاريخ شفوي يسرد فيها كيف اصبح لاجئ

Dr. Salman H. Abu-Sitta of the London-based Palestine Land Society gives a personal account of how he became a refugee in Palestine in 1948. Using data from his research, Abu-Sitta shows how over 600 Palestinian villages were systematically depopulated by the advancing Israeli forces, leaving many others dismembered by an arbitrary cease-fire line. With maps and demographic statistics, Abu-Sitta shows that, in effect, Zionist policies were an ethnic cleansing campaign that resulted in a massive transfer of native Palestinians to the countries bordering Israel, where thousands remain within 100 miles from their original communities. Producer: Ed Sweed

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Posted by Hussam abu-setta on June 3, 2010 #114353

All respect to you Dr., you are stronger than guns. Allah protect you,lived revolutionaries like you

hussam 6
Posted by ahmad on September 4, 2008 #51123

im ahmad mharb
Posted by jacky Thomassain on July 27, 2008 #47279

I am sorry for all happened its like our armenian genocide i was not too much familiar now i am listening Dr.salman and until now they don't stop to kill innocent people destruct all villages burning houses cutting electrecity water ,and they are doing with other countries like my country Lebanon,,let god judge them now i am speeechless Jacky from California
Posted by Mahmoud Hamid on October 31, 2007 #22635

thank u dr.salaman husien abu sitta, (palestine foever)