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Nakba, Refugees, and R.O.R. - النكبة وحق العودة: Slide show with Marcel Khalifeh sings in the background: The Palestinian Catastrophe of 1948

Posted on July 23, 2007
10 min
ألبوم صور لفلسطين قبل النكبة ومرسيل خليفة يغني في الخلف

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deeply moving, especially the photos with those beautiful palestinian children escaped from the 1948 massakers, who may have ben killed in 1967, 20 years later, in the strenght of their age defending their fundamental rights of existence. Worse, their children might have been killed or kidnapped too in the eighties. This ongoing israeli slaughter since 61 years is a monstrous human scandal and a shame in human history in the time after the Nuremberg trial .Isreal must be taken accountable of these crimes as it has been taken place with the crimes of Nazi Germany. The Geneva Conventions have been created therefore, that never such genocidal crimes will be committed any more! And now this 60 years lasting terror against the innocent and heroical Palestinian people, never having given up their struggle for their right of existence.
There is nothing more important in our life than to claim justice for this outrage because our fundamental morality and dignity is in danger. Barbarity and terror will triumph hidden behind the words of democracy and peace, as Israel shows us so well.
How unfair it was.
I look and weep.