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Nakba, Refugees, and R.O.R. - النكبة وحق العودة: Palestinian oral history from al-Ghabsiyya and Suhmata, Acre

Posted on April 12, 2008
16 min 11 sec
Shlomit Baum in collaboration with Zochrot
The point of origin of the exhibit "Amnesia" examines the question of design and production of objects in the context of social political relation in general, and of the Nakba specifically. The works in the exhibit "Amnesia" try to deal with the question of possibility for objects to awake the memory of the Nakba considering the amnesia that is afflicting Israeli society. A group of Jewish artists examine, using material culture, the possibility of creating dialogue with Palestinian refugees and their tragedy. Simultaneously, a Palestinian poet responds to their work. In the framework of labor for the exhibit participants travelled to view the collection of object of the Committee of the Displaced in Nazareth . The objects in the collection tell their story in silence and point mainly at the absence of their owners. It is simple through them to imagine a daily routine, and at the same time experience the shuddering sensation of a routine that was breached. The exhibit's works are a personal response of the artists' to this impossible situation. Opening: Thursday, April 3rd, 8:00PM Yoya, Einat Lider, Ravit Letzer, Gad Cherny, Two informational objects: Ami Shteinitz, Ido Bruno, David Goss, Yasmeen Daher Curator: Shlomit Bauman Gallery talk: Tuesday, April 15th 8:00PM Closing: Thursday, May 1st Zochrot Gallery 61 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv ISRAEL (corner of 13 Maneh St.) Tel. 03-695-3155

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