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Ni'lin - نعلين : Demonstration against the wall - 29-7-08

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by كفاح أحمد محيســـن on July 30, 2008

hmad Husam Yousef Mousa, 10 years old, was murdered today as he demonstrated together with his friends against the separation wall which is being constructed on the lands of his village Nilin. When Ahmad and his friends reached the construction site the soldiers shot rubber bullets at them and they began to retreat. At that point one of the soldiers shot a live round at Ahmad's head from a distance of about 10 meters.

During the demo earlier in the day, 18 demonstrators were injured.

During 6 years of popular struggle against the wall, the occupation forces have killed 11 demonstrators, 7 of them children, and thousands were injured. Time and time again, soldiers violently suppress demonstrations and attack those who take part in them with lethal weapons. To date, none of the soldiers who killed demonstrators has been prosecuted.

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