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Ni'lin - نعلين : Ni'lin Women's Demonstration - Part 2 23.07.2008

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by كفاح أحمد محيســـن on September 5, 2008
Palestine WestBank Ramallah Ni'lin
On 23rd July 2008, the women of the village of Ni'lin held their first ever women-only demonstration against the Separation Wall in Ni'lin. Includes interview with demonstration organiser Rema Khawaja.

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Posted by waheed al deek on January 25, 2009 #65150

الفلم كتير حلو يا اصال وواضح كتيير صمودكم بوجه الاحتلال ورفضكم للجدار العنصري الله يقويكم استمرووووو كلنا معكم
Posted by assal on September 19, 2008 #52495

مرحبا انشالله بزول الجدار وبتتحرر فلسطين وانعيش بسلام