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Ni'lin - نعلين : Translation of the suffering of Nilin town

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by Magdi on August 27, 2009
Ni'lin, located west of the city of Ramallah, was and remains one of the most beautiful towns of Palestine in spite of all the beloved Israeli practices designed to distort, but it survived, but set an example to withstand a challenge the arrogance of the occupier despite the seizure of more than seventy percent of its land area and the displacement of three-quarters of Ni'lin population remains a thorn in the throat of the occupation Ni'lin surface area was before 1948 (58) square meters as the village's land extending to the dear city of Lod in the 1948 war, occupation, looting about forty thousand acres, losing so devastated Ni'lin whole was an important part of its territory, such as Khirbat Deir Abu Salama and Zhirip and Perea were displaced population of the debris, either to the town center or to other Arab countries, especially Jordan, brother and became what is known as the Green Line and the fact no man's land on its territory and the beginning of the eighties came to Ni'lin Mughal new Israeli attack was the confiscation of about (8) thousands of acres For the purposes of settlement kicked off on our land violators Hhmonaiim, Matityahu, skylights, Kiryat Sefer, Modiin Illit, Moment At the beginning of nineties was built at the tip of a bypass road linking the eastern town and later the Indigo usurped territories of his shoe 1948 that became known in our days and all of us, unfortunately even Israel to separate the street a suburb of the town and called the district and cheerleader whose population exceeds 500 people from the town In 2003, Israeli bulldozers began eating large areas of the village's land for the benefit of the apartheid wall, but the gift of time and the people of the town with surrounding villages, and response to the occupation bulldozers that tried to swallow more than four thousand acres and Anbra number of honest and good at their head above the late Jamil Hussein Kanaan, and Mousa Mohammed Hbazi and with Ni'lin Municipality represented by its president Mr. Taha al-Khawaja, then go to the Israeli courts, the only legal on this issue remained as cherished in the case about five years at the beginning of this year 2008 unjust verdict final and the confiscation of 2500 dunums and a decision reached by another Israeli in the town of Ni'lin that the establishment of an Israeli crossing on an area of 61 dunums of the village's land will be either of the transit workers or commercial trucks and closing the current entrance to the town and turn it from another place near the home of Mr. Atta, Mustafa Hussein in order to link the town Naughty tunnel may cause the suffering of the citizens would be prevented Palestinian civilians from the behavior of a bypass road construction on our land, and called them to become street 446 Israelis sincerely wall will be built on both sides to include Mgtspti Nelly and his shoe with the territory in 1948 Among the Israeli attacks on Ni'lin and villages of the so-called Peixarat Natov Israeli and currently engulfing the mountains surrounding the village and the mountains of Shabtin Shukba kilt a stone's throw from the trophies of such quarries that most likely it will be a new outpost.
Summary of the interview that Ni'lin exposed to a fierce Israeli attack which requires the most important things that stand 1 to the public by this town, a giant army to resist the occupation
Through support of its peaceful activities in the Libyan
2 along with the official stand Ni'lin requirements through the provision of resilient
For her family of material and moral support
3 to preserve the unity of the sons of the town during docking and miss all the opportunities
Aimed at the band we have fellowship one enemy is the only occupier of the land of Ni'lin

To assure everyone that we're going to defend the honor of our land by our presence and we are confident that God Almighty Simdna victory and demolish the wall and liberate Palestine, all Palestine from the sea and blamed her to leave the Golan to where it came from the land of Palestine is not a land without a people to receive a people without land, we have a date with Victory of God Almighty and ask Him to accept our martyrs and heal our wounded and free our prisoners.
Greetings,mayor Ni'lin Ayman Said Nafie.

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