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Videos: The Use of Human Sheilds to protect the mightly Israeli Army
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Palestine boy used as a human shield on an Israeli Occupation Jeep to protected the Israeli occupation soldiers from possible attacks by Palestinians. Click on the above image to enlarge the picture.

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Posted by sam on May 25, 2012 #144095

im pretty sure that that is just a kid sitting on a humvee not only does it look like every thing is perfectly calm but he looks perfectly calm also why would they use a human shield infront of bullet proof glass thats useless and impractical
Posted by Brent on February 11, 2011 #130390

Michael your comment is absolutely evil and foolish. On another it is the United States of Amerikkka's terrorist military and the Zionist "Israeli" terrorist military that are the biggest cowards in the world. After September 11, 2001 American television personality Bill Maher made a excellent point (that caused him to lose his first television show called "Politically Incorrect"

Bill Maher said on September 17, 2001 about the events of 9/11 (putting aside the issue of whether the American government is telling the truth about the events of 9/11 or not): "We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That's cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, that's not cowardly. Stupid maybe, but not cowardly."

As Peter Ustinov once stated so perfectly (as it now relates to giant imperialist war machine cowards like the Amerikkkan military and the US supplied and funded Zionist "Israeli" military): "Terrorism is the WAR of the POOR, and WAR is the TERRORISM of the RICH."
Posted by Michael on August 18, 2010 #119884

It is all right to stop his friends to trow stones. At least one was punished.
Posted by ابو الهيجاء on July 27, 2009 #84467

البربرية و الهمجية ليست من دون شك غريبا على اسرائيل بل ان كل الافعال التي لا تنتمي للانسانية هي صفة رسمية و ثابتة لامة اليهود اينما وجدت لكن انى لهم ان يضعفوا عزيمة شعب اركع الاسود وانى لهم ان يحلموا باستسلام اصغر طفل فينا نحن شعب خلقنا للنزال و القتال ككتب علينا الجهاد الى يوم الدين و نحن راضون بقدرنا لذلك سنبقى نقاوم حتى الرمق الاخير انها فلسطين مهجة قلوبنا وحلمنا المنتظر
Posted by Hisham on March 19, 2009 #71287

It's a big shame on such cowrd army forces to abuse a 13 years old boy, tied into the forewindow on the hood, just to ensure how much they're limitless monstors to do the impossible to satisfy their arrogance and fulfill the agony for such palestinian nation...This is against all kind of logics in this life.