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Qabatiya - قباطية: منظر في البلدة القديمة



Picture for Qabatiya Town - Palestine: منظر في البلدة القديمة. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted by أبوالرب on May 23, 2007
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الدرج درج المسجد القديم والمبني اللي قبال الدرج اليوم تعمر وصار محل للخضار وبيع الفلافل
يسلمو ايديك على الصور الحلوة وبتمنى نشوف كما شي جديد
Dear Abu Arub,

I would like to convey to you my greatest appreciation for the fantastic effort you have come up with.
It has given me the opportunity to see the place of my birth and realize how beautiful it is." although I have visited the village a couple of times, the last of which was 3 years ago, but unfortunately, had no time to look around.

This site is admirable
Thank you once more
Yousef Nazzal