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Ramallah - رام الله : Radio transmition towers (Itha'ah), Matson Collection. (1934-1939)
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Ramallah - رام الله : Radio transmition towers (Itha'ah), Matson Collection. (1934-1939)

  Uploaded on July 4, 2007

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Posted by saeed on August 14, 2010 #119565

the prophets killers they have no way to live exce[pt killing the others and destroying their properties some day they will pay for all of their crimes
Posted by ام الله kid on June 19, 2010 #115809

since 1934 -2005 palestine the ersal tower the ed israly soldirs destroyed them in 2oo5 after 4 yers from the intifada i stll remember the towers its 2 big tower and 1 one skny
شارع الارسال رام الله فلسطين هدمتهم الاحتلال الصهيوني 2005
ابن رام الله
Posted by wm on April 27, 2010 #110824

My grandfather painted these towers red and white.
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on May 24, 2009 #78048

radio broadcasting towers or radio transmission towers.