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Ramallah - رام الله : Facing Ramallah Girls Secondary School
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Ramallah - رام الله : Facing Ramallah Girls Secondary School

Posted by Rami Atwan Uploaded on January 31, 2011
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Posted by وليدرجب رجب on November 23, 2014 #155522

في الصورة مدرسة بنات رام الله الثانوية وليست مدرسة بنات الفرندز
Posted by m. wahhab on June 8, 2011 #135217

Hello Ghada,

Do you by any chance know/remember the Wahhab family that lived on Irsal street in the late 60s ? I beieve we lived in an apt that belong to the Nazal family.

M. Wahhab
you can reach me at
Posted by ghada ackall on April 1, 2011 #132248

correct. This is where I went to school for 3 years under the supervision of Ms. Salwa Slah
Posted by Emad Nadi on March 22, 2011 #131847

Secondary Ramallah Girls School _ Post office Street