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Ramallah - رام الله : Maydan al-Mughtaribeen
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Ramallah - رام الله : Maydan al-Mughtaribeen

  Uploaded on January 12, 2007

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Posted by وليدرجب رجب on September 8, 2014 #155130

هذا ميدان المنارة او ان شئتم ميدان الاسود اما ميدان المغتربين او ميدان الساعة او ميدان ياسر عرفات فهو في مكان اخر
Posted by HINO SWEET on May 6, 2013 #149802

بلدي كيف بدها اتكون
Posted by Husam Baker on October 7, 2012 #146579

Posted by deema_asha on June 13, 2008 #42016

This is downtown Ramallah, this circle is called Al-Manarah Circle