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Ramallah - رام الله : Undated picture for al-Hamra Hotel/Palace
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Ramallah - رام الله : Undated picture for al-Hamra Hotel/Palace

  Uploaded on January 26, 2007

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Posted by وليدرجب رجب on November 10, 2013 #153069

هذا هو قصر الحمراء كما كنا نعرفه في الستينات والسبعينات يقع ف شارع الاذاعة
Posted by Khaldun Bshara on November 4, 2010 #125092

This is Dar Jamil Abd-Allah and Abd-Allah Issa al Batih known as al Hambra palace. Built as a residence in 1926. This is the highest building of Ramallah made of basement and two floors and an attic, four levels in total. During the mandate period and around 1939 the Palace used to host Pascal Qamar Musical Band from Jerusalem (the most known at that time) in its gardens trying to compete with the already established Ramallah Grand Hotel (Odeh 1931) and Uncle Sam Hotel (1936). The decorated stone parapet (Baroque style) of the second floor is the only example in Ramallah. The cement baluster of the third floor is the first, or among the first balusters made of reinforced pre-fabricated concrete (same as Dar Khalil Salah 1926, now al Sakakini Cultural Center). The building was used for BZU during the First Intifada and later as a dormitory for the female students of BZU. Recently the building was restored back to be used as a hotel of 10 rooms and restaurant by al Masayif Company. [By Khaldun Bshara, architect restorer and anthropologist, co-author of Ramallah: architecture and History 2002.]
Posted by KB on May 14, 2010 #112413

This is my family's house!!! Built in the early 50's, my relatives upon leaving the country made a deal with the current owners (Al Hamra Hotels) to rent it out and now we are in litigation to get it back. Sad story, but a beautiful house.
Posted by بنت السدة on October 3, 2009 #90878

قصر الحمرا الآن تحول إلى مطعم خارجي وشقق فندقية
Posted by احمد on April 9, 2009 #73493

قصر الحمراء اجمل قصر في فلسطين وهو تحول الى فندق
Posted by mos3ab on February 19, 2009 #68078

هاد قصر الحمراء اليوم تحول الي فندق حيث تم اعاده ترميمه من جديد ويبعد عن المقاطعه حوالي المئه متر .........اخوكم مصعب
Posted by الشعيبي on January 17, 2009 #64199

يامهجة قلبي يا احلى بلده في العالم أسأل ألله العظيم ان موت على ترابك او اراك قبل اموت
Posted by f.nofal on November 8, 2008 #56596

هذ قصر النجمه الحمراء
ويقع في شارع الارسال
قبل المقاطعه بي100 متر
Posted by عمر الطقز on April 27, 2008 #36086

للاخ الكريمالاسير قصر الحمرا يبعد 200 متر عن سور المقاطعه على الطريق رام الله -بيرزيت وهو فيلا قديمه من تاريخ المدينه استخدمته جامعة بيرزيت للاغراض الاداريه ولا تزال وهو تحفة معمارية اسلاميه جميلة
مع تحياتي اليك ارجو ان اكون اوفيت اجابة السؤال
Posted by الأسير on March 25, 2008 #32712

الرجاء اعطاء المزيدلموقع قصر الحمراء واين يقع وشكرا
Posted by Eman Hafsi on October 31, 2007 #22681

What a beautiful building....