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Ramallah - رام الله : Ramallah, Aziz Shaheen School
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Ramallah - رام الله : Ramallah, Aziz Shaheen School

Posted by Rami Atwan Uploaded on March 5, 2011
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Posted by emadnadi on March 17, 2011 #131632

You welcome. Who did shootthese pictures?
Posted by Rami Atwan on March 10, 2011 #131395

Thank you emadnadi for the correction. I should have applied elementary deduction to see what it is not (Kulliyat Al-Aadab)!!!
Also,school students dont laze about like this...Or do they nowadays|
Posted by emadnadi on March 10, 2011 #131390

This is NOT Aziz Shaheen school. This is the Faculty of Arts in Birzeit University named after Aziz Shaheen who donated the building. aziz shaheen died in 1996 at 103 yrs old