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Ramallah - رام الله : Ramallah - Al-Manarah in mid-summer 2
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Ramallah - رام الله : Ramallah - Al-Manarah in mid-summer 2

Posted by Rami Atwan Uploaded on April 21, 2011
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Posted by Rami Atwan on May 11, 2011 #134007

Your recollections and memories parallel mine Ghada. I remember Al-Tarifi store at the corner, followed by Darwish taxi office, Al-Dalu green-grocer-come-general-store, the cobblers and shoe-repair shops and the bakery as you turn right and down. I recall from hearsay that the court used to be a temporary vegetable and fruit market in the early sixties. On the other side were Al-Natsheh poultry shops, Al-Rafidi printing press and a car repair and maintenance garage. After Salah Pharmacy was Al-Salam taxis office and Al-Central confectionery shop run by Al-Zein family.
Posted by ghada on May 10, 2011 #134001

The far left shop is Salah Pharmacy, the far shop is where I used to get some candy bars over 40 some years ago! making a right will take you to the court, the chicken shops strip, shoe repair, and few blocks down to the left is palestine bank.