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Ras Karkar - رأس كركر : General view (#2)
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Ras Karkar - رأس كركر : General view (#2)

Posted by othman jaber Uploaded on March 10, 2007
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Posted by Abed Badwan on December 9, 2012 #147771

I'm Abed Badwan residing in USA. Indeed It's a very beautiful village. My grandfathers originally migrated 3 generations ago to Qatra village near Ramleh in Palestine. My father used to tell me before he passed away 33 years ago "don't forget that we are from Raas Ibn Samhaan". But I've never seen my family (Badwan)member from "Raas Karkar." My full nameis: Abdelbaset Mohamad Ahmad mohamad Badwan, please if any body knows any body from Badwan family to contact me asap. I intend to visit the village of my grandparents. Shukran.
Abed Badwan Ph. D.
Posted by راس كركر on September 29, 2008 #53265

منظر جميل
Posted by NASHAT SAMHAN on November 14, 2007 #23510

this is in picture !!!!! how if you want to
visit ras kar kar

Posted by 797192 on July 29, 2007 #18646

مرحبا أنا محمد أبو فخيدة من رأس كركر...أحب أن أضيف صور عن القرية