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Responding to Zionist Propaganda - دحض الدعاية الصهيونية : Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted on July 26, 2007
5 min 20 sec
Dr. Jack Shaheen
كيف إستطاعت هوليود على تشوية سمعة العرب This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged form the earliest days of silent film to today's biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs--from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding "terrorists"--along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypic images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today. Shaheen shows how the persistence of these images over time has served to naturalize prejudicial attitudes toward Arabs and Arab culture, in the process reinforcing a narrow view of individual Arabs and the effects of specific US domestic and internationl policies on their lives. By inspiring critical thinking about the social, political, and basic human consequences of leaving these Hollywood caricatures unexamined, the film challenges viewers to recognize the urgent need for counter-narratives that do justice to the diversity and humanity of Arab people and the reality and richness of Arab history and culture. Director: Sut Jhally Biographical Summary: Dr. Jack Shaheen, Professor Emeritus of Mass Communication at Southern Illinois University, is a leading scholar of Arab representations in US popular culture. Shaheen is the author of the groundbreaking study The TV Arab and, most recently, Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People, the most comprehensive review of Arab screen images ever published. Analyzing over 900 Hollywood films made from 1896 to 2004, Dr. Shaheen exposes American cinema's systematic and pervasive degradation and dehumanization of Arabs. Articles: "Jack Shaheen continues to be a piercing laser of fairness and sanity in pointing out Hollywood's ongoing egregious smearing of Arabs." Howard Rosenberg | Los Angeles Times TV Critic

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Posted by khalidah on January 9, 2008 #26878

i think so that those people forget their past , we are muslem people whome control and judje the world in the past bu science , our religion teach us how to respect others and value the human life but those animals kill th and our goad tell us to be carefull from those negative people ,euandholyode whom use the women as product or service to make money while our religoun respect the women right , in our muslim culture the women be in one man but in their culture the women like goods any one can purshase it ya you have to look in your society and see that there is no society, no value , no ethics , no family , just six,party,drink, dancing and so on in my culture we are respect our society norms and value, we are respect our parents , we are look to the life as short journy which lead us to the final journy where ther is justics ,while you concern about this short life so u are run for money just