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Sa'eer - سعير : من التراث الفلسطيني
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Sa'eer - سعير : من التراث الفلسطيني

Posted by عيسى Uploaded on June 20, 2009
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Posted by Jaradat on December 28, 2009 #99226

Mashallah there sooooo cute !!! - Bayan
My mom says their soooo adorbale mashallah =)
Posted by fahmi abu mosub on December 28, 2009 #99202

alsalm alikom Mr. akram we all send you best greetings. What a beautiful kids with beautiful picture,this reminds me of my early childhood. God bless all.
Posted by Lena.xoxo on August 6, 2009 #85448

awww thanks to all.. i love this picture partly because i'm in it but also it shows that palestian cultre NEVER dies regardless of what's happening right now... and we will continue to show our palestian cultre with pride and our heads held high:)
Posted by عمر on June 23, 2009 #81140

صورة حلوة كتير ,وألاولاد حلوين كمان.
Posted by ahmed on June 20, 2009 #80889

they are so cute,espicially the boy,ahhhh.
Posted by محمد on June 20, 2009 #80869

والله منورين يا خالو
Posted by issa on June 20, 2009 #80868

The kids From left to Right, Dena Akram, Fadia Hussein, Issa Akram and Lena Akram Lahalih -Canada