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Sharafat - شرفات : Sharafat On Top Of Jabal
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Sharafat - شرفات : Sharafat  On Top Of Jabal

Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri Uploaded on May 2, 2007
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Posted by ibrahim on November 24, 2011 #139765

our village is so important in term of history,and i think that no one has the rite change that,by building and destroying the old houses like some people did to the houses that belong to the ones in jordan, Sharafat gets its beauty from its ruins and ancient homes.sharafat belongs to every one and not just to the few who try to take over every thing; haram
Posted by ادهم on March 2, 2008 #30287

شكرا على هذه الصور التاريخية عن قريتنا شرفات
Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri on May 3, 2007 #15392

The village of Sharafat can be seen on top of the jabal. This beautiful view of the green hills of Palestine with Shafarat on top is breathtaking. Springtime is the most beautiful season in Palestine. You can see for yourself!

More photos to come...Insha'allah.