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Sharafat - شرفات : Hand Made Stone Step/walls Sharafat Terraces
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Sharafat - شرفات : Hand Made Stone Step/walls Sharafat Terraces

Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri Uploaded on May 3, 2007
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Posted by ibrahim on November 25, 2011 #139773

i have a there a beauty left in sharafat? such as the beauty that was shown in those pictures,i honestly do not think so,because a lot of people came to live in sharafat and those people bought land and built houses on it that killed the view.i remember sharafat in 1978,and i never went back,even though i can if i wanted to,but in my memory i wanted to keep the old sharafat not the new one in my memory.every time i see new photos of sharafat and how it became so crowded with people we dont know where they came from ,and how the land is shrinking daily it makes me sick
Posted by فاطمة عوض الله on May 6, 2009 #76263

الصور جدا جدا حلوة واحلى منطقة في العالم هيا شرفات