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Sharafat - شرفات : This view of a 1944 picture from Sharafat
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Sharafat - شرفات : This view of a 1944 picture from Sharafat

Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri Uploaded on October 21, 2007
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Posted by OMAR on July 13, 2009 #82888

انا احد احفادرجل شرفات النشمي وهو عيسى عابد محمود عابد.اسمي عمر ابن ابراهيم عيسى . اود ان انقل تحياتي الاحوية لجميع افرادهذه القرية العريقة. ارجو التواصل.

عنواني: عمر العابد
Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri on October 23, 2007 #22208

This view from Sharafat, from Khalit Can'an, in a 1944 picture. One can see the Big Oak Tree, Ballootat El Sahil, and the railroad with a passenger train headed towards Haifa or Tal Ababeeb. There were hundreds of olive trees, groves and many terraces. Where have they all gone? They are ALL imprinted in our memories and very close to our hearts.