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Posted by huda on January 7, 2009 #62684

اللة يحي الشعافطة
Posted by Shu3fati girl on January 4, 2009 #62169

Salam my fellow Shu3afta! Please upload more pictures-old or new- if you have any, we should represent our town :)

I wish the best for every person from Shu3fat...wherever you are in the world. No matter what family you're from, we are all connected somehow-whether it's through blood, marriage, or playing "3ali watwat" and eating bumba chips in the streets of Shu3fat together, we are all connected. Everyone from Shu3fat is my family and you are never alone.

Love you all,
Posted by ابو خضير on December 13, 2008 #59563 Number one website on the net, I love it, I have been keeping up with this page since the begining
Posted by الحنش on May 20, 2008 #38759

اششششبك ادعيسي
Posted by الحنش on May 20, 2008 #38758

بمناسبه ذكري النكبه
شعبنا سيواجه الظلم التاريخي الذي تعرض له برسم إستراتيجية وطنية للصمود والتشبث بحق العودة
(اذا نقلو قلبي من يساري الي يميني سابقي شعفاطي فلسطيني)
Posted by الحنش on May 20, 2008 #38757

الاخوه الشعافطه ارجو توضيح معني كلمه( جلجوليه)والاهم ماذا يقصد( بلمطاطه)ارجو الرد بلتفصيل مع جزيل الشكر
Posted by الحنش on April 7, 2008 #33902

بلادي وان جاره علي عزيزه
اهلي وان ضنوا بي كراما

سوف اعود يا شعفاط قريبا يا جميله الجميلات
Posted by نعيم on February 20, 2008 #29507

إذا في أي حد من شعفاط عندو صور يرفعها على الموقع وين الشعافطة,انا ساكن بالاردن وماعندي صور لشعفاط.
Posted by hosam shehadeh on February 18, 2008 #29381

salam alikum
Posted by salem on November 28, 2007 #24271

salamo aleiykum, would some body add some pictures to shufat.thank you
Posted by mike on November 28, 2007 #24270

salamo alaykum, som bodyplease put some pictures. thank u
Posted by Amani Abukhudair on September 24, 2007 #20837

Allah Yaheema wa al chil
Posted by said mashni on February 22, 2007 #14056

Peace be upon you