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Shuqba - شقبه : منظر من البلدة
Help us identify the direction, places, people,...etc. in this picture? Post your comment (6 comments)
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Shuqba - شقبه : منظر من البلدة

Posted by bilal yahya shalash Uploaded on January 10, 2008
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Posted by اسماعيل ثابت on March 11, 2009 #70308

لافي وعماله يقومون ببناء مخازن في القرية
Posted by together on April 18, 2008 #35162

my name is mohammed. i am from shuqba, but i live in the USA. good job guys i like all the picturs, but i would like to see more picturs for the old places in the town, the wall, the shuqba cave and so on...... .

guys ih you need my help contact me at my email (

good job again and i am looking forword to hear from you all.
Posted by ana on April 14, 2008 #34674

Im not from Shoqba but im married to a man from there I had the chance to see it but along time ago im happy to see these picturs 'my children didnt have the chance to see there village so I think this is a good chance fot them.
Posted by saleh iswalem on April 13, 2008 #34568

thanks for the sincere effort for me i was born in shuqba 1958
and since 1967 i didnt go there. allah reward you for these
Posted by رائد قدح on March 8, 2008 #31018

السلام عليكم
اتمنى تصوير مداخل القريه و الاماكن الجميله فيها
Posted by Shatha on February 12, 2008 #29016

I'm from Shuqba. I love it. Do you have any more pictures?